Dear Valued Customers:


     Sushi Lovers is a family-oriented business that has our priorities based on customers and quality first.


Our target is to provide healthy and delicious sushi.

Our prices are reasonable, and we also have a great selecrion for our food combinations.


We are Confident that we can meet your catering needs.


Attached is our school special menu. Special request to mix and match is welcomed. Just let us know ahead of time.


Please feel free to contact us if you have an;y questions.

We are looking forward to creating smiles with our clients and them with delicious Sushi !!!


Best Regards.


Sushi Lovers

School Hot Lunch Program Menu



Edamame                                                                      $2.75


Califonia Roll (8pcs)                                                      $3.05


Avocado Cucumber Roll (8pcs)                                      $3.05 


Dynamite Roll (5pcs)                                                     $3.35


Cumber Maki (12pcs)                                                    $3.85


Tamago Maki (12pcs)                                                    $3.85


Avocado Maki (12pcs)                                                   $4.45


Salmon Maki (12pcs)                                                     $4.45


Tuna Maki (12pcs)                                                         $4.45


Combo A (2pcs Salmon, 2pcs Tuna)                               $4.45


Combo B (2pcs Ebi, 2pcs Tamago, 2pc Inari)                 $4.45


Combo C (Salmon, Tuna, Ebi, Tamago, Inari)                  $4.45


Beef Teri Don                                                               $4.45


Chicken Teri Don                                                           $4.45        






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